More About Me

Native Son Born and Raised in BerkeleyI was born and raised in North Berkeley not far from my office. After attending public schools in Berkeley, I moved to Los Angeles to attend U.C.L.A. graduating in '83 with a degree in Sociology. Coming back to Berkeley for my career was always on my mind, so in 1984 I started my career in sales. My family had always been in the Real Estate industry where after turning 30 I turned my attention. I have continued my career in Residential Real Estate sales ever since. I started with Korman Ng(4yrs), then on to Red Oak Realty (15 years, always in the top 5 and company leader in 2001), then on to RE/MAX Executive(2.5 yrs), and finally home to Coldwell Banker. I have studied and trained with the Mike Ferry Org. for over 15 years to improve customer care. Please contact me soon

Berkeley's terrific location!Berkeley seems to always be in the news one way or another. Whether it be the University, academics or sports, or the politics. This is a thriving community that supports the liberal ideal. And of course, sometimes takes it a little too far. But everyway in everyday Berkeley stand true to its nature of being the open forum to expanding human social growth. It is the place where many come to free their mind in a cultural setting that allows expression and has an understanding for differences. Located in a very temperate climate never too hot or cold, the traditions of this town carry forward the acceptance of others and the perseverance to improve. Many cultures provide a wide variety of cuisine and traditional festivals from other parts in the world; it is a true melting pot.